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The truth about America's tax laws and income tax system (source)

This web page contains the absolute truth about the tax system. A truth that our government prays you will never learn, or even become aware of. The truth is; United States citizens are not subject, under the letter of the law, to the payment of income taxes on domestic income, and are not required by law to file a Form 1040 for the purpose of reporting, or paying the income tax on, their own domestic income.

The truth is the IRS has been a fraudulent and illegal operation for over 60 years!

The truth is the IRS routinely violates the Law, the Regulations and the United States Constitution. The IRS is an operation that is more representative of the Gestapo than the American Constitution, routinely trampling the rights of innocent citizens. The IRS is the most un-American agency in the country today.

The truth is that America's tax system is based on voluntary compliance and self assessment, and that's right from the IRS itself, which we'll see later. But what does that actually mean, and why do they say that? "Voluntary compliance and self assessment" Did you know that you "comply voluntarily" ?

You see in America, under the law, the citizens are free, and FREE means not taxed, except when done lawfully. If you don't believe me, let's look and see what the tax laws actually say. Before we begin, we would just like to point out that we are not trying to tell anyone what they personally should do in the future. We are simply going to show you what the law actually says about income taxes, how those laws are supposed to be applied, and then given what the law actually does say, what it is possible to legally do under those laws.

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The Constitution of the united States of America, the Supreme Law of the Land, establishes a limited federal government in America, representative of WE THE PEOPLE. Wherein the Federal government is forever bound as the SERVANT of the PEOPLE, never to become their master. In this context, "Limited" means "bound by law"! The IRS has turned this relationship upside down, effectively enslaving the People to the existing political system and parties, denying the People their FREE CHOICE ,and effectively creating a political system where it is virtually impossible to object to the activities of our supposedly representative government.

Most Americans fear the IRS out of ignorance of the law. This information has been assembled in an effort to help all American citizens overcome their own unfounded, hysterical fears of the IRS by making them knowledgeable about the law imposing income taxes, and how those laws affect you, the American citizen.

For starters, check out the first page of a typical 1040 booklet:

If we look at what the IRS tells us today about income taxes on the first page of the Form 1040 Tax Instruction Booklet from 1994, we find a "Note From the Commissioner", which is usually one of the first things in the booklet. This one is from Margaret Richardson, the current Commissioner of the IRS. It states in part:

Dear Taxpayer,
Thank you for making this nation's tax system the
most effective system of voluntary compliance in the
world. The key to maintaining that system is ensuring
that you are treated fairly and equitably, that your
privacy is protected, and that our tax system is as
simple and understandable as possible....
Margaret Milner Richardson

The first sentence here is:
"Thank you for making this nation's tax system the most effective system of voluntary compliance in the world."
There it is! Voluntary Compliance. Why do they say that? What does that mean? And how does it effect you, a sovereign American Citizen? Nearly every instruction booklet from past years has opened with some variation of this statement from the Commissioner.

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